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February 10 2013


Sci 256

Sci256 - According to the Louisiana Costal Area (LCA), Louisiana’s coastal wetlands are among the most productive and important natural assets in the Nation.  

Sci 256 - This natural wetland was created through the deltaic processes of the Mississippi River and is home to a diversity of fish, birds, and other wildlife. While this coastal wetland is remarkable in its own words, it is struggling for survival.   In order for the Louisiana coastal ecosystem to survive, measures must be taken to restore and protect the natural habitat of this area. 
Fortunately, the LCA is doing just that.  
It260 - Their main goal is to restore the Louisiana coastal ecosystem to its natural state, along with the Mississippi and Texas coast.   Their plan includes identification of critical ecological needs and then to implement a plan that will allow them to effectively address those issues.
It 260 - In the past years, the Louisiana coast has taken some hard hits from hurricanes, coastal erosion, and rising sea levels.   Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were among the most devastating natural disasters to hit the coast, wiping out 217 square miles of coastal wetlands in just two days (US Army Corps).   According to the US Army Corps of Engineering, Louisiana’s coastal wetlands are eroding at an alarming rate.   This loss of land is due in part to environmental impacts, such as dredging.   Dredging is an excavation operation used in many offshore oil rigs and Louisiana accounts for much of the nations offshore oil rigs.   This puts an enormous stress on the Louisiana coast because the pipelines and drilling rigs are vulnerable to hurricane damage which can create oil spills, as we’ve seen with the BP oil spill, or a hike in gas prices, as we are seeing now.
Another factor in destroying the coastal wetlands is the man-made structures that line the coastal areas.

Sci 256
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